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EDUCATION 1993 - Present PhD student in Conflict Analysis & Resolution ICAR, George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia. 1992 - 1993 MA in International Peace Studies (International Scholars Program) The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana. 1987 - 1991 BA in Political Science and International Relations (graduated with Honors (GPA: 3.37). Bogazici University Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey. ASSISTANTSHIP EXPERIENCE Apr. 1997-Jul. 1997 Res. Assistant at the US Institute of Peace, in Washington, DC. Worked with Dusko Doder, on a project about the political reconstruction of Bosnia after the Dayton Accords. June 1996-Oct. 1996 Assistant to Dr. Dan Druckman. Worked on a project involving analysis and categorization of International Negotiations. Aug. 1995-Dec. 1995 Assistant to the Administrative Coordinator (Joan Drake) of the Institute for Confl. Analysis and Resolution. Participated in the organization of the First Regional Scholars' Roundtable on Peace and Conflict Studies (Oct. 18, 1995). Feb. 1994-May 1995 Research Assistant to the Director (Dr. Kevin Clements). Collected Information for his research on the Changing Tendencies in the American Foreign Policy after the November '94 Elections. Sept. 1994-Jan. 1995 Research Assistant to the Director (Dr. C. R. Mitchell). Did Literature Review for his project on Unofficial (Track-Two) Meetings between Israelis and Palestinians or Arabs before the Oslo Talks. Sept. 1993-May 1994 Graduate Research Assistant of Dr. Dennis Sandole. * Prepared annotated bibliographies on such issues as Nuclear Disarmament, Conflict Resolution Theory, and Regional Conflicts. * Summarized articles on Authoritarian Personality and Adorno. WORK EXPERIENCE July - Sept. 1991 International trainee, Department of Financial Affairs, Public Power Corporation, Athens, Greece. Traineeship arranged by AIESEC. SKILLS Languages: * Greek (mother tongue), * Turkish, * English, * French (Reading Knowledge. Received a diploma of proficiency in French in June 1991 l'Alliance Française). Computers: * Macintosh: MS Word, WordPerfect * PC: WordPerfect, MS Word for Windows. * Research through Internet (using Lynx, Netscape, Explorer) * Web-site construction and design using HTML and basic knowledge of Javascript. PUBLICATIONS 1998 (with D. Druckman et al.) "Testing Ikle's Taxonomy in International Negotiations," in Group Decision and Negotiation (on review). 1998 "The Role of Cultural Differences and Similarities in the Cyprus Conflict," in Crossings: A Bi-Communal Cypriot Journal,Vol.1, No. 2 (to be released in May). 1998 (with D. Druckman, J. Martin, and S. Allen Nan) "Dimensions of International Negotiation: A Test of Ikle's Hypothesis," a Pew Case Study in International Affairs. Washington, DC: Georgetown Univ., School of Foreign Service, Inst. for the Study of Diplomacy. 1997 "Psychological Explanations of Conflict between Ethnocultural Minorities and Majorities: An Overview," in Windows to Conflict Analysis and Resolution: Framing Our Field, edited by Susan Allen Nan, et al., Fairfax, VA: George Mason University, Inst. for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. AWARDS 1998-1999 Dissertation Fellowship, awarded by the Institute for the Study of World Politics. 1993-1995 Doctoral Fellowship, provided by George Mason University. 1992-1993 University scholarship for the International Scholars Program, The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame. 1987-1992 Partial Financial Assistance for Undergraduate Studies, provided by the Ministry of Education and Religions of the Hellenic Republic (Greece) through the Consulate of the Hellenic Republic in Istanbul. ACADEMIC AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES April 1-3, 1997 Participant in the Virtual Diplomacy Conference
organized by the US Institute of Peace.
   April 13-15, 1996                      Participant and discussant in the 
                                          Zones of Peace Conference, held at the 
                                          George Mason Univ., in Fairfax, VA.

   April 2-4, 1993                        Participant in the Conference on 
                                          Economic Sanctions and 
                                          International Relations, held at the 
                                          Univ. of Notre Dame, in Indiana.

   April 1993 to present                  * Student-Member, American Political 
                                          Science Association and
                                          American Sociological Association.

   April 24-27, 1992                      Participant in the First European 
                                          Conference on Peacemaking and 
                                          Conflict Resolution, held in Antalya, Turkey
                                          * Presented a paper entitled "The 
                                          Historical, Political and 
                                          Psychological Factors of the 
                                          Cyprus Conflict."

   April 16-20, 1992                      Member of the team representing the 
                                          International Relations Club 
                                          (IRC) of Bogazici University in the 
                                          AGORA meeting of the 
                                          AEGEE (Association des Etats generaux des 
                                          Etudiants de l'Europe) held in Cos, Greece,
                                          where IRC was granted the 
                                          status of a 'contact group' of the AEGEE. 

   1992 to present                        * Member, Ethnic Studies Network.

                                          * Member, Bosporus Gesellschaft, an 
                                          association aiming at the 
                                          development of the links between German 
                                          and Turkish Students and 
                                          at organizing German-Turkish Student 
                                          Exchange Programs.

  June 25-July 1, 1991                    Visited the NATO Headquarters, the 
                                          EC Commission, and other 
                                          institutions in Brussels, Belgium, as a 
                                          member of the delegation 
                                          representing the Department of Political 
                                          Science of Bogazici Univ.

  April 25-26, 1991                       Member of the organizing committee
                                          and Panelist at the Student Conference on
                                          "Turkey between the East and the West"
                                          jointly organized by the AEGEE antenna of Bonn 
                                          and the International Relations Club
                                          at the Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.
                                          (sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation).
                                          * Presented a paper entitled "The Image 
                                          of Turkey and Turks in Greece and Its Effects
                                          on Greek-Turkish Relations."

  July 1990                               Visited Athens, Greece and established 
                                          relations between the
                                          International Relations Club and the 
                                          Hellenic Institute 
                                          for Solidarity and Cooperation with the 
                                          Developing Countries - HELINAS.

  May 27, 1990                            Organized a 'conference-discussion' 
                                          on the "Double Standards in 
                                          Greek-Turkish Relations" (Guest sp. H. Millas,
                                          from the Greek-Turkish Friendship Association.)

  May 3-4, 1990                           Panelist, Student Conference on 
                                          The Relations between Turkey and Europe,
                                          in Bonn, Germany, 
                                          jointly organized by AEGEE-Bonn and the 
                                          International Relations Club (sponsored by 
                                          the F. Ebert Foundation). 
                                          * Presented a paper on the reactions
                                          of the Turkish press, political parties,
                                          interest groups, and public opinion in general
                                          to the recent developments in
                                          Turkish-EC relations, 
                                          entitled "Thoughts on the EC Commission Report
                                          Concerning the Turkish Application for Membership."

  March 8, 1990                           Organized a 'conference-discussion' 
                                          entitled "Europe & the Greek-Turkish Conflict"
                                          Guest speaker: Prof. Stefanos Yerasimos,
                                          Univ. de Paris VII.
  October 1989                            Founded the "Working Group on the 
                                          Greek-Turkish Issues" as a 
                                          subdivision of the Intl. Relations Club.

  April 25-26 1989                        Panelist, Student Conference on 
                                          "Turkey and the EC," jointly 
                                          organized by the AEGEE-Bonn and the Int. Rel. 
                                          Club at the Bogazici University, Istanbul.
                                          (sponsored by the F. Ebert Foundation) 
                                          * Presented a paper entitled "The 
                                          Greek-Turkish Conflict and the 
                                          Problems it poses for an eventual Turkish 
                                          Accession to the EC."

  March 20, 1989                          Gave a lecture on the Greek-EEC Relations
                                          (1955-1982) and Greece's integration process 
                                          with the European Community (EC),
                                          as an activity of the IRC's Working Group 
                                          on the EC.

  1989 - 1990                             Served as General Secretary of the 
                                          International Relations Club.

  May 1988                                * Member of the International Relations Cub.

                      (References Available Upon Request)
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