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Personal Information

My name is Dimostenis Yagcioglu.

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and I am a member of the Greek Minority in that city.

I got my BA degree (in International Relations and Political Science) from Bogazici University in Istanbul, and my MA degree (in International Peace Studies) from the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, IN.

Currently, I am a PhD student in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, and I was a research assistant at the US Institute of Peace.


A Collection of Links Related to Greek-Turkish Cooperation and Friendship

Academic Initiatives
A Cultural Memory of Peace: Personal Stories of Turkish Cypriots (about their living-together with Greek Cypriots, before 1963).
Cyprus-America Scholarship Program (CASP): Bi-Communal Programs sponsored by AMIDEAST.

Bi-Communal Activities in Cyprus [From the web-site of the U.S. Embassy in Cyprus]
Greek-Turkish Relations in the Post-Cold-War Era: Crisis or Détente? . A workshop jointly organized by the Greek Study Group of the Center for Eur. Studies and the Socrates Kokkalis Program at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (Nov. 14, 1997). [Although not a peace activity per se, this workshop was an exemplary case where Greek and Turkish scholars cooperated and constructively discussed issues pertinent to Greek-Turkish relations.]
A Greek-Turkish Joint Conference on the Philospohy & History of Science . (April 1998) [from the Athens News Agency]

Artistic Initiatives
The First Bi-Communal Concert in Nicosia, Cyprus (April 17, 1997): An artcle from the Web-site of Muammer Ketencoglu, a musician who performed in that concert.
The Burak Kut - Sakis Rouvas Concert in Cyprus (May 19, 1997): Two news-items from the Cyprus News Agency.
The Musical Heritage of Anatolia / Asia Minor: A Greek and Turkish Music Concert
by Group Aeolos and Sultanlar. (Nov. 17, 1996)

White Olive: Greek and Turkish Dance & Music Night
with the groups Terpsichore, Anatolia, and Kemence (Apr. 10, 1998)

 Two activities organized by the Turkish Student Assoc. of Boston University.

The Greek - Turkish Caricature Pact.An Article about an exhibition of Greek and Turkish cartoonists, entitled Greeks and Turks: The Neighbors, that took place in Nov. 96, in Strasbourg, at the European Parliament. (From the web-site Magical Journey to Greece).
A Ceramic Bridge of Friendship: An Article about a Greek-Turkish ceramics and pottery workshop, that took place in Mytilene (Lesvos), Greece. [the article is in Turkish, from Hürriyet; 08/08/1998]
Greek - Turkish Cooperation in Cinema.An Article from Cumhuriyet [16 Aug. 1998; in Turkish] about a Greek-Turkish feature film project called "The Boatman" (Kayikçi -- O Varkáris) to be produced within 1998.
Business-related Initiatives
T-G Cooperation in Business The 1st Greek-Turkish Business Conference (Dec.96) [from the Athens News Agency]

An Analysis of The First T-G Business Conference, by S.Gulden Ayman [in Turkish, published in the newspaper Radikal, posted on the web-site of the Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC]

The Fourth Greek-Turkish Business Conference (Oct.97) [from the Athens News Agency]

Greek and Turkish Cypriot Business Leaders Pledge to Work Together An excerpt from an Associate Press newsitem about the Cypriot businesspeople who met in Oslo. [From Tampa Bay Online, Jul.1, 1998]
Environmental Initiatives
Greek-Turkish environmental symposium in Kusadasi (Nov. 97) [An article from the Athens News Agency]
Individuals' Initiatives
The Noble Gesture of I. Melissanidis, a Greek gymnast (Jul.96) [An article from the Mac. Press Agency]
Pavlos Moschakis and His Paintings: An article [in Turkish, from Hürriyet] about a Greek painter from Istanbul who, in his paintings, demonstrates the quite harmonic, multicultural life in his city, in the past. Even though he had to leave his city and migrate to Greece, Moschakis chose to emphasize the good memories he has about Turks and Turkey. The article also describes the help Moschakis received when he was ill, from his Turkish friend, Fikret Otyam.

Turgut Durduran's Cyprus Page
Mikra Asia - Anatolia: (A page on the history of Greeks in Anatolia and their peaceful coexistence with the Turks there; created by B. Esme and A. Ralli)

 [See also the article on Sinasos, Cappadocia, that appeared in Atlas.]

Greece-Turkey Peace Links (compiled by Nejdet Bas)

A Turkish-Greek Brotherhood and Peace Page (created by Mustafa Cavusoglu)

A Turkish-Greek Peace Site --and Forum (created by Oktay Ozturk)
The Page of Serdar Degirmencioglu. The home page of an assistant professor of Psychology at the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), in which he exposes and criticizes the (Turkish and Greek) governmental mentality that considers minorities hostages.

Internet-based Initiatives for Dialogue
CyprusForum: A discussion forum for Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Cyprus-L: A discussion list for ALL Cypriots.
#Turks&Greeks. A mIRC channel established to bring Greeks and Turks together; to help them approach each other. A channel against nationalism. It was set up by a Greek and a Turk, and can be found on the server of DALNET. (maintained by Alexis Mpallas)

Friends(a Greek-Turkish listserver)

The Aegeanfriends Discussion List(located at the ONEList server)

The "Come to the Peace" E-Mail List(maintained by Oktay Ozturk, his friends, and DEM Media)

Journalists' Initiatives
Greek & Turkish Journalists Meet in Izmir (Feb. 98). [Article excerpts from the Macedonian Press Ag. & Sabah]. See also an article from Rizospastis [in Greek] about the same event.

Meeting between Greek & Turkish Journalists at UNESCO (May 98) [A press release from the UNESCO web-site]

NGO and Civil Society Initiatives
A Greek-Turkish Peace Event in Bergama (Jul. 97) [An article from the Athens News Agency]

Theophanis Raptis's Statement on Greek and Turkish Anti-Militarists.
The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy and its Cyprus Initiative A series of activities whose aim is to create a human infrastructure of change agents among the Turkish- and Greek-Cypriot communities who can manage a citizen-based, internal, bicommunal process of trust-building, peacebuilding, and reconciliation.
"Give Peace a Chance:" A Joint Declaration by Cypriot Women. (From Turgut Durduran's Cyprus Home Page)
Greek, Turkish Women Call for Defense Spending Cuts. From the Athens News Agency (May 4, 1998).
See also an article that appeared in Milliyet (May 3, 1998) , written by Zeynep Oral, entitled "Dialogue of Turkish and Greek Women", describing and evaluating the meetings in Kos and in Bodrum. [The article is in Turkish]

Association for Cypriot, Greek and Turkish Affairs ( ACGTA )
Aegean Friends. A social-cultural group of Greeks, Turks, Cypriots, and other peoples, coming together to celebrate their heritage, explore common roots, and promote peace in the Aegean region.
The Samos Peace Movement. It organizes marches, women's meetings, and other activities for Greek-Turkish Peace. (An excerpt from an article written by Selcen Taninmis and published in Hürriyet, containing an interview with the chairman of this movement [6 Sep. 1998; in Turkish] ).
Cooperation between the Greek and Turkish Affiliates of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. (An article from the IPPNW web-site, describing the common activities of these two affiliates).
THUS: Towards a Culture of Peace - Turkish-Hellenic Union Solutions. A civil-society-oriented project, initiated by Photius Coutsoukis, whose main purpose is to defuse tension, increase understanding and facilitate closer, friendlier relations between Greece and Turkey

Religious Initiatives
The Interview of Patriarch Vartholomeos to the newspaper Zaman.
Student Organizations' Initiatives
1st Cultural Exchange between AEGEE-Athina and Istanbul (1996)

2nd Cultural Exchange, Friendship Declaration, and Cooperation Proposals (1997)

A Meeting of Students from Chios (Sakiz) and Izmir (Smyrna). An initiative organized by AIESEC (April and May 1998). [from Eleftherotypia]

News About Turkish-Greek Rapprochement and Friendship
A Greek-Turkish Dialogue on Peace and Politics, at the Didim (Didyma) Peace Festival. [ An excerpt from an Anadolu Agency news-item (Sept. 2, 1998) ]
See also this article from Cumhuriyet [in Turkish; Sept. 2, 1998], about the same event.

"Most Greeks Favor Rapprochement With Turkey" (Oct. 97) [An article from the Reuters Agency]
The Possible Contribution of Minorities to Greek-Turkish Peace: (An excerpt from a series of articles, in which leaders and intellectuals from both minorities express their views on how their communities can contribute to the improvement of Greek-Turkish relations. Published in the Turkish newspaper Zaman. In Turkish)
Athens Ipekci Committee Condemns Attack on Patriarchate [An article from the Athens News Agency, reprinted by The Internet Center for News on the Orthodox Church, (Dec. 5, 1997)
Common Folks Try To End Cyprus Rift (An article from the Cristian Science Monitor, written by Scott Peterson. (Feb. 13, 1998)
Greek-Turkish Cooperation: Trade, Environment, Tourism Offer First Chances to Heal Dispute. (An article from the Cristian Science Monitor, written by Thomas Niles, former US ambassador to Greece. (June 17, 1998)
New Bi-Communal Magazine Launched in Cyprus. An excerpt from a Cyprus Mail article (Feb. 13, 1998).

Religious, Cultural Agreement Said Reached by G/C & T/C. An excerpt from another Cyprus Mail article (Apr. 8, 1998)


Documents Pertaining to Greek-Turkish Peace and Cooperation

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